Colonic Hydrotherapy

Can I leave my socks on because I suffer cold feet?

Yes, leave your socks on. This will not interfere with your treatment at all. The more comfortable you are, the better! For those people who specifically feel the cold, I can arrange either a hot water bottle, or a warming gel cushion for you.

Can I bring a friend along with me?

Yes bringing a friend/partner or carer along is fine. There is a chair in the room, and the treatment is so discrete that complete modesty is ensured. If two of you wish to have a treatment one after the other, this is not a problem either.

Please note that there is not a waiting room though.

Can I have a treatment when I have a period?

Yes. You may use a tampon which does not interfere with the procedure at all, if you do not get on with tampons this is ok too.

How long does the treatment take?

Around 40-45 minutes, sometimes a little longer if necessary. The treatment takes as long as the patient requires.

What will the treatment feel like?

It should not be painful or uncomfortable. To those new to colonics, it is a strange sensation as the water passes through the colon and out of the body. It will feel like you need to go to the toilet, but you will be lying on the couch which seems odd. You relax and all the waste products pass into the waste pipe and away from the body.

What happens to the waste material?

It goes immediately out of the building through the main waste system.

What happens after the treatment?

You go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet. You may pass some more waste material with water. You should sit there until nothing more is passed.

Should I do anything in particular before the treatment?

Avoid a heavy meal and alcohol just before the treatment, and make sure you are hydrated.

How might I feel afterwards?

The treatment affects people in different ways, although a feeling of lightness and a reduction in abdominal bloating is common.

What are the side effects?

There should be no side effects. Occasionally there may be some slight abdominal cramping during the treatment just before some waste matter evacuates. Occasionally you might feel slightly thirsty.

Does it clear out the good gut bacteria?

Some of the gut flora would be washed out. However, it is generally back to normal levels a day or so later with a normal diet. The treatment does not interfere in any way with digestion, as most digestion and absorption of nutrients take place in the small intestine, rather than the colon.

Will it cure my constipation?

It is possible to induce daily evacuation after treatment, if it is combined with lifestyle and nutritional changes. Quite often mineral and vitamin deficiency encourage a constipated state. The result can be permanent or last for several months.

Do I have to book well in advance?

No, if I can see you the next day, or even later the same day I will. I understand how uncomfortable it can be with certain problems.

How will a coffee enema work?

Coffee is especially good in cases of constipation. It is good at stimulating the colon to contract and expel waste. Coffee which is taken anally rather than orally is good for detoxification. Caffeine enemas cause the bile ducts to dilate which facilitates excretion of toxic breakdown products by the liver and dialysis of toxic products from blood across the colonic wall. (The Naturopathy Workbook, Stephen Langley MSc, ND, DipHom, DBM, DipAc, OMD, 2004).

How often do I need a colonic?

Each person is different, but I would not recommend them too frequently. If detoxification is sought, a period of 4-6 weeks between treatments should be adequate for a period of time then break for a few months, or if lifestyle is good, perhaps twice a year. If treating severe constipation, it may be necessary to have two or three colonics, say at two or three weekly intervals then stop until either the symptoms return, if at all, or if a colonic is wanted for detoxification. Sometimes a single treatment is enough. Many people return because the treatment makes them feel energised and healthy.

If I am cured of my constipation, how long will it last?

If the person is in balance emotionally, and they are leading a healthy lifestyle with adequate quantities and quality foods and supplements if necessary, it could be indefinite.

Should I bring anything in particular with me?

Please bring along any medication and/or supplements which are currently being taken.

How should I eat and drink before my treatment?

You should eat meals as usual and try not to skip breakfast, please ensure you drink enough water to maintain hydration.

Can the treatment help with my IBS?

In short, yes, Colon hydrotherapy is approved by the IBS Network. Click here for more information. Treatments are effective in relieving constipation and bloating. The personalized naturopathic and nutritional advice I offer should also help you achieve a reduction in symptoms long term. .