About me

I was born in North London, 1960 and lived in Chingford and Woodford Green until 1990. My interest in science, biology, health and lifestyle, illness and disease systems led to study with the Open University, obtaining a Dipolma in Health and Social Care and Bsc (Honours) Natural Sciences.

At the College of Naturopathic Medicine, London I studied Biomedicine for one year, and nutrition for two years, and one year each for Naturopathic Principles and Naturopathic Study. I graduated in 2009 and became an accredited Nutritional Therapist and Naturopath (ND).

Only on this educational basis was I then able to train as a colon hydrotherapist at The National College of Colon Hydrotherapy (NCCH) in Devon, accredited by A.R.C.H. (Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists). Member of Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, and the General Naturopathic Council.

I have practiced in London and St. Ives, and since 2012 in Littleport.

When I practice colonic hydrotherapy, I always offer naturopathic advice, as I feel the treatment is more beneficial if I can enable my client to help themselves and the result should have a longer lasting effect. Whatever caused a problem in the first place can be addressed after the colon is cleansed. I also give my clients whatever time is necessary to complete the treatment, as sometimes some people need a little extra attention.

My interest in health and fitness continues, and I believe in doing everything possible to prevent the occurrence of disease and illness. In the modern world there are so many unavoidable toxins, in the environment and in foods. Stress and bad lifestyle choices often lead to imbalance and long term poor health.

My role as nutritional therapist and naturopath is to help educate people and offer alternative choices. A naturopathic approach incorporates lifestyle and nutrition. Awareness and recognition of avoidable chemicals, food additives and preservatives and certain foods which are harmful for that particular person focuses on prevention of disease, and enables the body to cure itself. A colonic treatment offers a good 'kick start' to a new, healthier regime.