I visited Caroline after years of having to use laxatives after being diagnosed with IBS at 18 and now in my 40's I was fed up with feeling bloated and only going to the toilet once a week. Despite feeling nervous and not knowing what to expect, Caroline put me at ease and the treatment was not uncomfortable. I did feel washed out afterwards and for a day after but after implementing the dietary advice and taking the vitamins I was deficient in only a few days after I was going to the toilet twice a day and have so much more energy, I wish I had done this years ago. I shall continue to have treatments.

Thank you Caroline.


I have been to see Caroline 3 times now. As a man I felt a bit apprehensive about having a colonic but I wanted help with constipation which I know is stress related. The treatment wasn't bad at all, in fact I felt very relaxed during it. Caroline gave me advise on my diet and suggested a couple of supplements. After a surprisingly short time I found I was going to the loo every day and at least once! 10 months later my stress levels increased again so I had another colonic and 'reset' my system. I would recommend anybody to have this treatment.


Caroline is very professional in her job, and treats each person according to their needs. I felt she did not rush me out but gave time to talk about my long term health issues and offer useful advice.


My girlfriend suggested that I have a colonic so after a few months I gave in and went to see Caroline. I used to be very fit and health concious but now I know I am eating too much junk food. Caroline is very knowledgable and patient. She put me at ease from the moment I arrived. Caroline tested me and found I was deficient in zinc and that increasing my zinc levels would help with fertility. She also talked about cutting down on cheese and ice­cream as I know I have a weakness for this. I do feel better for having taken the treatment and I am getting back to feeling healthier again.


I am so pleased that I finally went for a colonic, after thinking about going for around a year. My constipation has dramatically improved and I no longer take laxatives. Well done and thank you Caroline.


I would just like to say how much the colonic irrigation treatments you have given me have literally changed my life! I have suffered from quite severe constipation pretty much all my life but after just one treatment (together with your invaluable advice on diet and nutrition) the constipation disappeared! I feel so much better and cannot thank you enough for your help.

You immediately put me at ease, you are totally professional, experienced and discreet and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you unreservedly.

M.M.B. - Ely

Dear Caroline

I would like to express my profound and heartfelt gratitude for the treatment you gave me several weeks ago. Though determined to have the treatment I was somewhat nervous and apprehensive. I can honestly say that from the minute I walked in and was greeted by you I felt at ease. Your caring, considerate and professional approach in dealing with me was nothing short of fantastic and I thank you for that. By its very nature the treatment is invasive but your calm professional approach once again minimized any minor discomfort or embarrassment. You allowed me plenty of time and I felt your treatment was unhurried and progressed at a natural pace. All in all I believe I made the right decision coming to see you. Without going into too much detail here I have noticed a definite improvement in the way everything is working now; I feel a whole lot better. Moreover and completely unexpected my skin has improved markedly. I would not hesitate to have another treatment and I would certainly recommend you to anybody looking for this kind of treatment. You are first class.

Thank you.



It was with great trepidation that I rang Caroline Spillman and arranged to have a colonic irrigation. My daughter had had two of these already down in Kent where she lives, and she had told me all about it. It sounded quite horrendous, but after a month of being very constipated, and out of sorts, I thought I would give it a try.

I rang and made my first appointment. I arrived at Caroline's and nervously rang the bell. Caroline answered the door and took me up to her treatment room. After 15 minutes of discussion, I felt completely at my ease. She had explained all the equipment and how it worked, and we then started on my first treatment, which was nowhere near as awful as I had thought .

Since then, I have been back twice for colonic treatments and another time for dietary advice. As soon as I have had these treatments and advice,I have been much more regular , and,as a side effect, I noticed that my ankles have been a lot less swollen than they were before, which has given me a much better feeling of well being. I am extremely happy to recommend Caroline to anybody.


As I have M.E. and P.T.S.D. I was very nervous and anxious about having the treatment, but Caroline put me at ease; obviously she knows very well about the gut and all the problems which can present. She picked up where the problem with myself was, so the treatment worked very well for me (worst part insertion of the speculum). I felt really well and pain free after the treatment and have already recommended it to friends.

The clinic was lovely and clean - could do with a rail for disabled people and for myself some soothing music would help to quell my anxiety as I use music as a therapy myself. All over very professional and definitely plenty of attention time, very caring attitude.