Detoxification and Weight Loss

Toxins and weight gain

Unfortunately in the modern world it is impossible to avoid all toxins. The air we breathe and the water we drink all contain contaminants of varying degrees. Food additives, preservatives and pesticide residues accumulate in fatty tissues of the body where they are stored. I believe it is very difficult for some people to lose weight because of the toxins they hold. By reducing their toxic load, the loss of body fat (particularly around the middle of the body), and particularly maintaining a healthy weight would become easier.

Ingested Toxins

If you eat:

White bread * Burgers Cheese
Crisps Sausages Pizza
Cakes and biscuits Pies and pastries Canned meats
Ready prepared processed foods Take away meals Deep fried foods
Sweets and confectionary

* Because of the modern way that bread is manufactured these days by cutting the proving time, it is likely to trigger abdominal bloating. White flour products are more likely to cause bloating than wholemeal flour products.

And drink:

  • Carbonated drinks including low calorie versions
  • More than one cup of coffee per day
  • Add sugar to hot drinks
  • Alcoholic beverages

All the above contain toxins and irritants which affect the digestive process. Symptoms such as bloating, weight gain, and lethargy may be apparent. Other less obvious symptoms may include; low energy levels, reduced ability to deal with stress, a reduction in bone density, reduced ability to fight off infections, elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels leading to cardiovascular diseases and leaky gut. A poor diet often leads to deficiencies in some nutrients, which affect normal body function.

Other external toxins from the environment are more difficult to control, particularly if you live or work in a city. Metabolic toxins are produced in all normal cellular body reactions. Drinking plenty of water, reducing stress levels and ensuring adequate rest and relaxation is important.

Why detoxification is so important

Just like our homes, our body needs to be kept clean and well maintained, and we all know how good the occasional clear out of old possessions feels! Those TV documentaries such as 'life of grime' are so fascinating. I can understand how the person living in such a state wants to hang onto their old way of life. Removing or throwing out certain things, even though you know they are not beneficial can be unnerving. First, the knowledge that change is the only way forward, secondly taking the courage to commence the change, and lastly and most importantly, to go ahead and gradually make changes. Gradually eliminate all that is toxic, and things you know are doing you no good can be let go.

After a while, the body will reach a healthy weight, energy levels will increase and all the organs of the body would be under less strain. I don't have to list all the conditions that would improve with a healthier body, and the risk reduction to many illnesses.