Blood Type Testing

Why it is important to know your own blood type

If you have an accident and you have proof on your person of your blood type, it could reduce the processing time if there is need of a blood transfusion.

Certain illnesses and diseases are more linked with certain blood types than others. Any particular blood type/group is prone to particular disease that is lesser risk in other groups. Diabetes, cancer and heart disease manifest significantly more greatly in particular blood groups. For instance, in general, certain types of cancer are more likely within group A, whereas heart diseases and blood disorder illnesses manifest more in group O. This is because genetically, there are certain variants in genes that are more likely to occur with particular blood types. As humans evolved, certain groups genetic combinations tended to be strongly linked, and it seems that particular 'disease risk' genes often stay linked to the blood type (ABO) gene.

For the same reason that certain diseases are more likely linked to certain blood types, it can be sensible to consume a blood type diet. The reason being that as humans have evolved genetically over millions of years, so their lifestyle has adapted, and their body has adapted to deal with specific food types. The oldest blood type being group O, was a hunter/gatherer and would have had different diet to newer blood groups. Other blood types evolved later, and as humans advanced and developed agriculture, genes which create proteins for enzymes to break down certain grains developed. As humans began to raise animals for meat and milk, the genes for proteins that break down lactose in milk developed. This is one of the reasons as to why group O has a tendency to have sensitivities to dairy produce. Of course a person who is group O may happily eat dairy for many years without realising they might fare better without it. This happened to me. As I am group O positive, I found that eating dairy produce such as yoghurt and cheese made me quite mucousy. When I stopped eating dairy, in particular cows dairy, I no longer got the symptoms. I also found that I lost a little body fat around my middle, although I had not reduced the calories I ate. I also find that when I eat carbohydrates, it tends to induce lethargy and weight gain.

It is an interesting fact that there are also certain personality traits linked to blood types, and the way these types deal with stress vary. Some groups naturally produce more cortisol (stress hormone) than others. Group B tends to be more intellectual than other groups, Group A individuals tend to have more nervous characteristics.

People with different blood types respond in different ways to exercise and illness and disease. Particular types are better with aerobic exercise, gentle exercise or heavy weight bearing regimes.

Here is some information from the book 'Live Right for Your Type' by Dr. Peter J.D'Adamo.

Group O Group A Group B Group AB
lives in the present
risky behaviour
Sensitive to the needs of others
reacts badly to stress